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Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine experts care for women with complicated pregnancies. On the other side of the spectrum, our Northwest Hospital Midwives Clinic specialize in assisting normal, uncomplicated births.

Strong relationships with other specialties allow us to provide highly specialized and seamless care to our patients. We are known nationally for our high level of service and quality in resident and fellow education. 

Our mission and vision

  • To provide access to the best healthcare for all women and their fetuses in the state of Washington and the WWAMI region
  • To be leaders, to innovate, adapt, and find new ways to improve maternal and fetal outcomes
  • To export new clinical knowledge to the UW Medicine community and WWAMI region
  • To educate and be mentors for the next generation of physicians and health care providers
  • To engage in creative interdisciplinary clinical care and cutting edge research
  • To be a Center of Excellence in critical care obstetrics, complex maternal conditions, perinatal/prenatal diagnosis, and obstetrical imaging
  • To be the program of choice in the WWAMI region for referring providers, patients, and insurers
  • To be leaders in best practices and translational research

What we do

A doctor puts their hands on a pregnant bellyWe are high-risk pregnancy experts who treat mothers who face unexpected problems that develop during pregnancy, such as early labor, bleeding, or high blood pressure. We are highly trained specialists with advanced knowledge and training in medical, surgical, obstetrical, fetal and genetic complications of pregnancy. 

We currently have fifteen Maternal-Fetal Medicine faculty, six Northwest Hospital midwives, four mid-level providers, and five fellows.


  • Diabetes in pregnancy
  • Prematurity prevention in multiple gestations
  • Hypertension and pregnancy
  • Infectious disease, HIV in pregnancy
  • Perinatal genetics counseling
  • Prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy
  • Complex maternal diseases
    • solid organ transplantation
    • maternal genetic disorders
    • cystic fibrosis
    • adult congenital heart
    • autoimmune
    • hematologic
  • Second-trimester termination program for fetal anomalies and complex maternal conditions


We are also engaged in a broad range of research subjects from hypertension in pregnancy, to microchimerism and preeclampsia, and preterm labor and birth

Our Team

Our faculty in the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine are:

Where we are

Our faculty practice at several sites across Washington, and are continuing to expand our care and services to patients throughout the region.


University of Washington Medical Center

UWMC is the primary Maternal-Fetal Medicine practice site with approximately 1900 deliveries annually. Most complex maternal and/or fetal medical conditions are referred to our outpatient Maternal and Infant Care Clinic for care.

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Northwest Hospital Midwives Clinic

Our experienced team of certified nurse-midwives has delivered thousands of babies. We collaborate with each woman to create a personalized birth plan, in keeping with individual values, cultural preferences and medical needs. We believe that giving birth is a holistic journey that also includes emotional, spiritual and family-related aspects. 

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Valley Medical Center

YMaternal-Fetal Medicine at Valley Medical Center is affiliated with the UW Medicine system and does approximately 4000 annual deliveries. Only the highest acuity mothers or fetuses are transferred to UW Medical Center for care. 

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Seattle Children's Hospital - Springbrook

Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH) is 3.2 miles north of UW Medical Center and the site of a combined Prenatal Diagnosis and Fetal Treatment Program. All of the pregnancies are delivered at UW Medical Center and the neonates are transferred to SCH. 

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UW Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic at Arlington

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic at Arlington is located about 41 miles north of Seattle. Providers rotate to Arlington so patients only travel to Seattle at the time of delivery. High-risk pregnancies are "virtually" followed through telemedicine at UWMC. 

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Seattle Children's Tri-Cities Clinic

The Seattle Children's Tri-Cities clinic is located about 200 miles southeast of the UW Medical Center in Richland, Washington. Our Maternal-Fetal Medicine faculty provide prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy services at this clinic. 

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