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The University of Washington Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology (PAG) service is the only focused clinical program for the Pacific Northwest and cares for patients from Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. The PAG service provides expert gynecologic care for patients from infancy through young adulthood with complex congenital anomalies of the reproductive system, disorders of sex development, pubertal and menstrual disorders, ovarian masses, vulvovaginal disorders, and reproductive health issues complicated by underlying complex medical conditions and developmental disabilities.

The PAG providers are key consultants and multidisciplinary collaborators with other specialty services, including adolescent medicine, pediatric surgery, pediatric urology, endocrinology, hematology/oncology, and gastroenterology.

Our Team

Our faculty in the Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology are:


  • To provide expert patient and family-centered pediatric and adolescent gynecologic consultation care for the Pacific Northwest.
  • To provide regional and national education in pediatric and adolescent gynecology.
  • To investigate optimal clinical care and long term outcomes of pediatric and adolescent gynecologic conditions.
  • To be leaders and advocates for pediatric and adolescent reproductive health, ensuring respect for an individual’s autonomy, reproductive potential, gender identity, and sexual orientation.


Clinical care

Dr. Amies Oelschlager and Dr. Debiec are key members of several multidisciplinary programs at Seattle Children’s Hospital and collaborate closely with community providers as well as subspecialists.

  • Seattle Children’s Disorders of Sex Development (DSD) team cares for patients with intersex/DSD conditions and has been named a center of excellence by the NIH.
  • Seattle Children’s Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine multidisciplinary team cares for patients with complex congenital anomalies of the reproductive tract.
  • Seattle Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Program focuses on pediatric and adolescent patients with bleeding disorders and childhood cancer.


Long Acting Reversible Contraception: Dr. Amies Oelschlager collaborates on the Health Education for Youth about Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (HEY LARC) study. This unique program is focused on understanding and reducing barriers for adolescents to access LARC methods through education and contraceptive delivery in Seattle Public School health centers.

Disorders of Sex Development: Dr. Amies Oelschlager is a member of the Disorders of Sex Development Translational Research Network, a multicenter research network focused on understanding the pathophysiology and genetics of DSD, building a scalable registry, and identifying best practices. Her recent publications are focused on best practices for dilation therapy for patients with vaginal agenesis.

Adolescent Pregnancy: Dr. Debiec studies the effect of prenatal care on preterm birth for teens; obstetric and neonatal outcomes for young teenagers Medical Education: Dr. Debiec’s research is currently focused on evidence based education, including grading in a decentralized student education system, use of smart phones and QR readers to evaluate medical students and residents. In addition she studies the use of social media for medical information dissemination.


Both Dr. Debiec and Dr. Amies Oelschlager are actively involved in the mentorship and education of medical students, residents, fellows, and colleagues. The PAG service trains obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric, urology, and surgery residents as well as adolescent medicine, pediatric urology, and pediatric surgery fellows in the clinic and the operating room. In addition they teach adolescent medicine faculty on LARC placement.

Dr. Debiec is the Associate Program Director for the Obstetrics and Gynecology medical school clerkship. Dr. Amies Oelschlager was a founding member of the University of Washington Colleges program and teaches in multiple medical school courses, including Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Lifecycles, and Ethics. Dr. Amies Oelschlager has twice received the Distinguished Teaching Award (voted best teacher by the medical students) from the University of Washington School of Medicine. Both Dr. Debiec and Dr. Amies Oelschlager have mentored medical students through the UW Medical Student Research Training Program. Both provide CME lectures locally and nationally on Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology clinical care.

Sites of practice

Seattle Children’s Hospital is a large, tertiary care center in Seattle, ranked the 5th best children’s hospital in the nation in 2016 by US News & World Report. Pediatric and Gynecology patients are seen at Seattle Children’s Springbrook Adolescent and Young Adult Clinic, Seattle Children’s Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center, and at the main Seattle Children’s Hospital campus. At the University of Washington, outpatient adolescent obstetrics and gynecology patients are cared for at the UW Roosevelt Clinic.