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University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC)

Fellows will spend the third and fourth years of the fellowship in clinical care. Inpatient care is facilitated at UWMC, a 450-bed hospital with 25 operating rooms, 10 of which are dedicated to advanced laparoscopy and robotics, and a dedicated gynecologic oncology floor.

Surgical oncology will be taught by the gynecologic oncology faculty. When patients enter the system at the UWMC they are assigned to an individual faculty member who then provides continuity of care throughout their experience in our system. This includes both inpatient and outpatient management.

Fellows will be supervised and advised by a faculty member at all times, allowing for progressively increasing responsibility and independence.

Inpatient ward rounds are typically carried out as a team consisting of medical students, residents, attendings, and the fellows. In addition, pharmacy residents, nutritionists, nursing staff, and social workers will often round with the team to facilitate integrated and comprehensive care of our patients.

Program Revisions

On January 1, 2020, Northwest Hospital in Seattle was formally incorporated as the second campus of the University of Washington Medical Center. This has prompted our fellowship to make program revisions. Beginning on July 1, 2021, the third and fourth year fellows will have clinical rotations at the Montlake (main) and Northwest Campuses at the University of Washington. Fellows currently applying for the upcoming match in 2021 will have their clinical experience entirely at the University of Washington.


Swedish Medical Center (SMC)

During the third and fourth years of fellowship, fellows will have clinical rotations at SMC and will be supervised and advised by faculty members at all times.

SMC has three campuses, but the fellows will be primarily at SMC on First Hill, a 600-bed hospital with 48 operating rooms.

There is a dedicated floor for gynecologic oncology patients with 20 beds. Fellows will be responsible for rounding with residents each morning and faculty in the afternoon. They will operate with attending gynecologic oncologists three days a week and attend clinic with attendings one and a half days a week.

The gynecologic oncology group at SMC provides both office-based and hospital-based chemotherapy. There are 11 exam rooms and a chemoinfusion facility with 3 chairs and chemotherapy is managed for 45-50 patients on a monthly basis. Fellows will be expected to provide care and write chemotherapy orders with faculty supervision for patients requiring chemotherapy in the office. In addition to providing inpatient care at SMC, fellows will provide outpatient care, including chemotherapy orders, at the outpatient clinic adjacent to the hospital.