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We have carefully chosen a varied group of potential mentors for fellows. The faculty are world-renowned scientists in varied areas of gynecologic oncology research.

Each of the mentors has supervised many previous graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Fellows are expected to participate in departmental seminars, laboratory meetings and other educational experiences (research retreats, etc.) that are part of that mentor's training program.

Although the mentors are affiliated with a variety of outside departments, they have served as mentors to postdoctoral fellows on our department's Women's Reproductive Health Research (WRHR) training grant since 1999.

Thus, these specific mentors already have strong ties to our department and were selected from among many researchers in gynecologic cancers at both UW and FHCRC because of their previous experience successfully training clinical fellows in ob/gyn research.

Research mentors

The current list of research mentors, all of whom have joint appointments at both FHCRC and the UW, includes:

  • Mary (Nora) Disis, MD, Professor, Department of Medicine (UW/FHCRC)
  • David Flum, MD, MPH, Professor, Departments of Surgery and Public Health (UW)
  • Denise Galloway, PhD, Professor, Microbiology (UW)
  • Stephen Hawes, MS, PhD, Associate Professor, Epidemiology (UW)
  • Mary-Claire King, PhD, Professor, Departments of Medicine & Genome Sciences (UW)
  • Christopher Li, MD, PhD, Professor, Epidemiology (UW)
  • Mary Ann Rossing, PhD, DVM, Associate Member, Public Health Sciences (FHCRC)
  • Elizabeth Swisher, MD, Professor, Director, Gynecologic Oncology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (UW)
  • Nicole Urban, PhD, Program Head, Gynecologic Cancer Research Program (FHCRC)