Adams Waldorf Laboratory

Adams Waldorf oversees research being conducted in a lab

Our mission is to investigate infections in pregnancy and causes of preterm birth in order to develop new therapeutics and vaccines to protect pregnancies.

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The Adams Waldorf Lab is part of the Center for Reproductive Sciences and the Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease at the University of Washington in Seattle.



Kristina Adams Waldorf
Principal Investigator
(206) 616-3975 (office phone for research inquiries only)

Hazel Huang
Lab Manager

Our studies typically leverage a strong team of clinical and basic science collaborators. Ongoing studies generally fall into five areas:

  1. COVID-19 impact on pregnant and breastfeeding people
  2. Group B Streptococcus as a cause of preterm birth and stillbirth
  3. Zika virus as a cause of fetal brain injury
  4. Influenza virus as a cause of maternal death, preterm birth, and stillbirth
  5. Investigating vaccines & new drugs to prevent infectious disease, preterm birth, and stillbirth

Ongoing Studies and Social Media Campaigns

One Vax, Two Lives

National social media campaign to dispel myths about COVID-19 vaccination in pregnant and breastfeeding people. Visit website here.

Group B Streptococcus as a Cause of Preterm Birth and Severe Infections of the Newborn

We are currently recruiting subjects. For more information, please visit our study website.

Kristina Adams Waldorf with Rajagopal Lab

Kristina Adams Waldorf with Rajagopal Lab


We are grateful to current and past donors, who have funded the early work that led to bigger grants and discoveries in key areas like Group B Streptococcus infections in newborns, Zika virus therapies and the link between infection and autism.




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One Vax Two Lives Social Media and Research Program into Vaccine Hesitancy in Pregnancy (American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology article):

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Webinar organizer and panelist in partnership with the National Black Leadership Commission on Health to address questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy
Meeting recording (access pass BHUW@032022)

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Kristina Adams Waldorf at work
Kristina Adams Waldorf at work

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Featured Review and Perspective Articles (led or co-led by Adams Waldorf Lab)

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