The purpose of the study is to understand how the immune system of pregnant individual tolerates the fetus during pregnancy. Specifically, we believe exposure to the semen from the fetus’ genetic parent starts the process of immunological tolerance. 

What is the goal of the study?
To learn how the pregnant individual’s immune system learns to tolerate a genetically diverse fetus. One main goal is to examine the role of exposure to semen from the other genetic parent starts the process of immune tolerance.

Are you eligible?
Looking for pregnant individuals who have a planned C-section and a co-parent willing to participate. Specifically, from the pregnant individual, we request blood and tissue normally discarded after birth (e.g., the placenta). From the genetic co-parent, we request blood and a semen sample. A private space will be provided for the semen donation.

What to expect?
An initial screening and enrollment visit and to provide samples either at the time of admission for the C-section or within a few weeks of the birth of your baby.  Each co-parent will receive a $100 gift card (Visa, Target, or Amazon) upon study completion.

Who do I contact?
Email if you are interested learning more.

How is this project funded?
A grant from the National Institutes of Health.