All residents are required to complete a scholarly project. They identify research mentors and present their proposed abstracts in the fall of their second year. Residents' final research presentations are held in the fall of their fourth year. Throughout the year, there are structured journal clubs and research didactic sessions teaching the principles of clinical research, study design, and statistical analysis. 

Resident Research Schedule

R1 Year

  • Decide area of research
  • Identify research mentors

R2 Year

  • Research proposal presentation (December)
  • IRB submission
  • Data collection and analysis

R3 Year

  • Data collection and analysis

R4 Year

  • Research abstract due (August)
  • Husky Day Presentation (September)
  • Manuscipts due (May)


Resident Research Team

Catherine Albright, MD MS - Dr. Albright is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the Resident Research Director.  She completed her OB/Gyn residency, MFM fellowship, and Masters in Clinical and Translational Research at Brown University. Her clinical and research interests are related to critical care, cardiac disease, and hypertension in pregnancy.  She directs the resident research lecture series as well as the resident journal club.  She loves epidemiology and statistics and is always excited to share that knowledge.

Erica Lokken, PhD - Dr. Lokken is a PhD epidemiologist who works closely with the Department of OB/Gyn and has a strong interest in women's health. Her primary research sits at the intersection of sexually transmitted infections and reproductive and perinatal outcomes. She co-directs the resident research lecture series and journal club with Drs. Albright and Callegari.

Ronit Katz, PhD - Dr. Katz is a PhD biostatistician and Research Associate Professor of OB/Gyn.  Her primary research uses statistical methods in renal and cardiovascular disease, focusing on novel biomarkers that can improve diagnosis of early disease onset, screen at-risk populations, and provide prognostic information for those with the disease. She has significant experience working with trainees of all levels providing statistical expertise, mentoring, and guidance.

Lisa Callegari, MD MPH - Dr. Callegari is an Associate Professor of OB/Gyn and a health services researcher who works primarily at the VA.  Her research focuses on identifying reproductive health needs and health disparities in marginalized populations as well as designing and testing interventions to increase patient-centered and equitable care. She co-directs the resident research lecture series with Drs. Albright and Lokken.  She previously ran the resident journal club and now happily participates.