eCollection 2021. A Framework for Cervical Cancer Elimination in Low-and-Middle-Income Countries: A Scoping Review and Roadmap for Interventions and Research Priorities

Dr. Linda Eckert recently authored a paper providing a practical framework to guide cervical cancer elimination in LMICs in Frontiers in Public Health. Read more at the link below.

Mission: We conduct clinical, epidemiologic, and translational research to support healthy women, healthy pregnancies, and safe deliveries globally. Our work focuses on mitigating the impact of infectious diseases on reproductive and perinatal health, understanding the global landscape of preterm birth and how to prevent it, assessing vaccines in pregnancy, understanding and supporting the reproductive autonomy of individuals, and expanding access to quality family planning and other reproductive health services. Through our research and global collaborations, we strive to generate high-impact science and promote health equity and justice with the goal of improving the lives and health of women and their families around the world.

Notable achievements

  • WHO Coordinator for development of  Recommendations of Screening and Treatment to Prevent Cervical Cancer.

  • First to demonstrate fetal brain injury due to maternal Zika virus infection in a nonhuman primate model with molecular characterization of injury to neural stem and neuroprogenitor cells in the fetal brain with correlation to MRI and ultrasound findings

  • Site-PI for  University of Oxford international collaboration to study COVD-19 infection during pregnancy (INTERCOVID Study)

  • Coordinated efforts to validate a point-of-care immunoassay to predict/diagnose preeclampsia in India, relevant to low-and middle income countries where mortality and morbidity from preeclampsia is high.

Meet the Principal Investigators

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Kristina Adams Waldorf, MD
Research Interests: bacterial and viral infections in pregnancy, host-pathogen interactions in pregnancy, mechanisms of preterm labor, therapeutics and vaccines in pregnancy, tolerance mechanisms within the plancenta, innate and adaptive immunity in pregnancy and fetal development, Group B Streptococcus, Zika virus, Influenza A virus, SARS-CoV-2
Centers & Networks: Center for Reproductive Sciences, Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease, Center for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases, Center for Human Development and
                                             Disability, the Pathobiology Program (Department of Global Health)
                                             and the Washington National Primate Research Center



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Elizabeth Bukusi, MBChB, M.Med (ObGyn), MPH, PhD
Research Interests: Sexual and reproductive health in resource limited settings, HIV prevention, STI, microbicides, research ethics, bioethics, research regulatory system, capacity building, HIV care
Centers & Networks:​ Kenya Medical Research Institute, University of California San Francisco, University of Nairobi and Aga Khan University, Centre for Bioethics and Culture, Sind Institute for Urology and Transplantation , Karachi , Maseno University , Kisumu



Linda O. Eckert, MD
Research Interests: Immunization: efficacy, implementation, intersection of immunizations with reproductive health, use of immunizations in pregnancy, vaccine policy, vaccine equity; cervical cancer prevention: HPV vaccine efficacy studies in special populations, cervical cancer screening trials, cervical cancer prevention policy development
Centers & Networks: World Health Organization consultant, Gavi Immunization Review Committee Member, ACOG Expert Immunization and Public Health Preparedness Advisory Group,
                                             ACOG Liaison to ACIP, PATH RSV advisory board, I-Tech
                                             Technical Advisor on Cervical Cancer Prevention



Michael Gravett, MD
Research Interests: Preterm labor, perinatal infectious diseases, proteomics, and the maternal-fetal interface
Centers & Networks: Nuffield Dept.of Women's & Reproductive Health University of Oxford, Preterm Birth International Collaborative Global






Elizabeth Harrington, MD, MPH
Research Interests: general obstetrics & gynecology, complex family planning and contraception, global family planning, adolescent reproductive health
Centers & Networks: 





Alisa Kachikis, MD, MSc
Research Interests: preventing pre-term birth, infections and immunizations in pregnancy, global health and health equity
Centers & Networks: Center for Reproductive Science




Erica Lokken, PhD
Department of OBGYN Director of Epidemiology
Research Interests: reproductive and perinatal epidemiology, fertility & fecundity, sexually transmitted infections, vaginal microbiota
Centers & Networks: Kenya Research and Training Center; Global Center for Integrated Health of Women, Adolescents, and Children (both are UW Dept of Global Health Centers)