Clinical availability of the copper IUD in rural versus urban settings: A simulated patient study

Drs. Elizabeth Micks and Lyndsey Benson recently authored "Clinical availability of the copper IUD in rural versus urban settings: A simulated patient study", published in Contraception: X. To learn more, follow the link below.

Mission: Our mission is to conduct innovative research to advance the field of family planning. Our work aims to develop novel methods of contraception, to increase access to family planning methods and services, to optimize procedures for pregnancy termination and management of early pregnancy loss, and to identify ways to promote reproductive justice and autonomy. Our collaborative research seeks to bridge clinical and basic sciences with social science, advocacy, and racial equity. We strive to ensure the rights of all individuals to achieve their reproductive goals.

Notable achievements

  • Participation in multi-site clinical trials for new methods of contraception and abortion
  • Facilitation of practice change and documentation of knowledge related the provision of EPL care in the emergency department and outpatient setting

Meet the Principal Investigators



Lyndsey Benson, MD, MS
Research Interests: contraception, family planning



Lisa Callegari, MD, MPH
Research Interests: health services, family planning and contraception, pre-pregnancy health care and maternal health, health disparities and equity, person-centered care, patient-provider communication, shared decision making, measurement of patient-centered outcomes
Centers & Networks: HSR&D Center of Innovation for Veteran-Centered and Value-Drive CareVA Women’s Health PBRNPerson-Centered Reproductive Health ProgramFemtech Collaborative





Elizabeth Harrington, MD, MPH
Research Interests: general obstetrics & gynecology, complex family planning and contraception, global family planning, adolescent reproductive health
Centers & Networks: 





Elizabeth Micks, MD, MPH
Research Interests: family planning, contraception, gender-affirming hormone therapy, prenatal care, natural birth
Centers & Networks: 




Sarah Prager, MD, MAS
Research Interests: Early pregnancy loss, immediate postpartum contraception, abortion training and education, contraception training and education, global sexual and reproductive health training and education
Centers & Networks: The TEAMM Project