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April 3, 2021

Dr. Alisa Kachikis
Dr. Linda Eckert
Dr. Porshia Underwood


As the COVID-19 vaccine roll out continues across Washington state, the United States and North America, we are interested in studying the COVID-19 vaccine in individuals who are pregnant, postpartum, lactating or planning pregnancy. Because pregnant and lactating individuals were excluded from the original clinical trials by the vaccine manufacturers, these studies will help to fill critical gaps in knowledge and provide information that will allow other pregnant and lactating individuals to make the best decision about COVID-19 vaccination for themselves.

We are currently enrolling in the UW Registry for COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy, lactation and/or planning pregnancy.

One of our main studies will follow pregnant and lactating individuals to study pregnancy and infant outcomes. (called the longitudinal outcomes study). Persons who enroll in the registry will be invited to participate in this ongoing study that follows outcomes. 

The goals for this longitudinal outcomes study are:

  • to access short term and long-term experiences with the vaccine in persons who are pregnant, lactating and/or planning pregnancy.
  • Explore concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine and motivations for deciding for or against it.
  • Investigate general perceptions about the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccines in general and what the most common sources of information are for participants in this study.
  • Investigate the passage of antibodies from the pregnant and lactating individuals via cord blood and breast milk
    • including pregnancy or health factors that may impact how much, and when, the antibodies are passed

Enrollment is confidential, and has been approved by the University of Washington Institutional Review Board.  All surveys are conducted online.  We are encouraging all pregnant and lactating individuals to sign up for the registry using this link: 

 UW Registry for COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy, lactation and/or planning pregnancy