Welcome to Yakima! We look forward to making your OB/GYN rotation an interesting and varied educational clerkship. At the same time, we want to encourage you to experience all of the recreational and cultural opportunities that abound in the Yakima Valley.


Credentialing Paperwork

Please submit all required credentialing paperwork to Paige Atterberry no later than four weeks before the start of your rotation.

Paige's Contact Information:
Phone: 509-574-5958

Clinical Coordinator/Site Director: Carly Ingalls, MD
Office phone number: (509) 453-7109
Cell phone number: (509) 346-7470
Fax number: (509) 453-3659
E-mail address: 
3003 Tieton Drive Suite 230
Yakima, WA 98902


***For this rotation please bring your own eye protection (goggles or face shield).  VMM will supply PPE such as masks and gloves.


Before arriving in Yakima, please email a brief two paragraph auto biography so that we may introduce you to our patients. On the first day of your clerkship which is normally a Monday,  you will likely be doing your general orientation in Seattle and then driving to Yakima in the afternoon. Students who are just finishing a rotation site east of Yakima may choose to do their orientation via telemetry Monday morning from Yakima and could check into their apartment a day or two early.

Approximately one week before your rotation starts, Dr. Ingalls will email you detailed information regarding picking up your keys and the orientation schedule. She will conduct an orientation with you on the first day of your rotation. The following day you will have a formal orientation which will include getting your hospital badges, computer access, and an orientation to surgery. You will also get a tour of the hospital and an orientation to the office. Following that, the fun begins!

Again, we welcome you to Yakima, and hope that your experience here will prompt a return to our valley in the future.

Clinical Faculty

You will primarily be working with the obstetricians and gynecologists of GENERATIONS OB/ GYN.  Your  primary preceptors  in that group will be Dr. Ingalls and Dr. Kevin Harrington. Typically you are paired with one of these individuals for the duration of the clerkship, but you will also be working with other OB GYNs in the group and occasionally with some of the other community physicians and with  nurse practitioners specializing in womens’ health. You will also have the opportunity to work closely with one of the ObGyn residents from the University of Washington. An R2 resident comes  every month from January through June and a third year resident comes every month from July through December. You will be spending several half days a week in the office, going to surgery with your  preceptor, and attending any deliveries  that your preceptor is doing. We have also built into your schedule several “study times” when  you are not otherwise assigned.


Virginia Mason Memorial (VMM) hospital is the only hospital in Yakima that provides care for women and children. Memorial Hospital is a level III Perinatal Referral  Center for all of central  Washington. Approximately 3000 babies are delivered at Memorial Hospital each year. The L&D suite is located on the 4th floor. Adjacent to the labor and delivery area is a lounge and study area with several adjoining sleeping rooms.The clinic is conveniently located adjacent to the hospital, occupying the second floor of the West Pavilion. We are “one contraction away” from the delivery room. Click here for Virginia Mason Memorial's policy on students in the OR.

Call & Pagers

You will be expected to take call whenever the UW resident is on call. Their schedule is a bit unpredictable so it will be important to be flexible. Typically, you will have 4 or 5 in-house calls during the rotation. Week day night call goes from 7 PM until 7 AM.  Weekend calls are 24 hours. You will be expected to stay in the hospital for the duration of the call. Additionally, there will likely be some evenings or nights when you will be  in the hospital following patients in labor whom you have gotten to know.

Pagers  are provided  but you are also encouraged to have your cell phone readily available.

Housing & Meals

A furnished 2 bedroom apartment is provided close to VMM at 6523 Tieton Drive Yakima, WA 98908.  Linens and dishes are provided but you will need to bring personal items. 
There is a computer in the apartment with Internet access, a washer and dryer and a cleaning service comes in at the end of the rotation. Meals are not provided, the cafeteria food is inexpensive and good and there is also a refrigerator if you want to bring a lunch.


A few of your clinical experiences will be off site, so you will need to provide your own transportation.

Educational Conferences

INFORMAL MORNING DIDACTICS:Dr. Ingalls holds didactics in the hospital cafeteria at 7am every Thursday morning unless you are instructed otherwise. On Monday through Wednesday, there are didactics beginning at 7:30 am. You will be expected to attend these unless you have a conflict with a delivery or surgery. 

MINITUTORIALS: Several mini tutorials will be offered during your 6 weeks. These are prepared talks on common obstetric and gynecologic topics given by one of the OB GYN attendings. You will get a list of these when you arrive. You will be responsible for contacting the attending and arranging the time and place for these 20-30 minutes sessions.

CONFERENCES: There are a number of conferences  that you will be expected to attend during the 6 weeks. These include a fetal monitor strip review, Journal club, M and M conferences  in both obstetrics and gynecology, breast cancer tumor board, and a monthly Grand Rounds presented by the University of Washington. The most anticipated conference will be the one that you are responsible for at the end of the rotation, a  formal Power Point presentation on a  topic that we know nothing about.


You are responsible for two write ups. It is helpful to do one of the write ups early in the rotation and review it with your preceptor for guidance and feedback to improve subsequent write ups. There is a formal written evaluation that happens at mid rotation and a checklist for one observation of interview skills. Finally, there are forms to be filled out for the breast exam and the pelvic exam.


As noted earlier, you will get a detailed schedule at the beginning of the rotation which will guide your activities on any given day. However, nothing on the schedule is set in stone. The key to this rotation is feedback, so if you find that your schedule is  too much of one activity or not enough, or if you feel you need more study time, please let us know. Similarly, we will strive to give you constant feedback on how you can make this your best rotation ever!


Yakima is a great place for biking, running, and golf most months of the year, and there is skiing at nearby White Pass in the winter months. For those who enjoy culinary exploration, we have several excellent restaurants located in town. There are also many local breweries downtown and in the surrounding area for those who enjoy beer. The majority of the world’s hops are grown here in the Yakima valley, so beer is a thriving industry here. Additionally, Yakima is situated in the middle of wine country and many winery tours are available. There are also a Native American Cultural Center in Toppenish and a great museum about 6 blocks from the hospital.