Office/Clinic Experience

Student will work with Dr. Huffman (or one of her partners when not available) and will be participating in routine activities, deliveries, gynecologic surgeries, and call. As this is a part of WRITE, thes activities will occur weekly over a 5 month period of time and it will be coordinated with the rest of WRITE preceptors currently engaged with teaching. Attempts will be made to follow patients over the duration fo the clerkship and repeat visits will be emphasized. 

Site Requirements

This site requires drug testing as apart of their credentialing requirements. According to the SOM drug testing policy, all drug testing needs to be done through the SOM.  Please go to the SOM Compliance drug testing webpage where they can order a drug test online:


Students are encouraged to attend one of the live virtual clerkship orientations via Zoom (happen on the first day of every clinical rotation, i.e. "Summer A," "Summer B," etc). Please contact the OB/GYN Clerkship Administrator at for the link to attend orientation if interested and available to do so. Otherwise, students will need to watch an older, recorded version found here.

WRITE students are required to complete all requirements of this clerkship. Students will need to review this clerkship website, particularly the sections on Required Assigments and Student Evaluation. 

Hospital Experience

Hospital experience would include a half day of surgery a week with the OBGYN. This would include abdominal, vaginal, and laparoscopic procedures with the student scrubbed into surgery as appropriate. Obstetric inpatient experience would include labor management, vaginal deliveries, cesarean deliveries, and postpartum tubal ligation. Participation in vaginal deliveries would be with consent of the patient. The student would not be required to take in house call as the house staff does not take in house call.

Other Information

This is a rural setting without the availability of onsite subspecialists. The student would actually be involved in patient care as is typical in a general OBGYN setting. Students would learn firsthand how patients and providers manage the many obstacles to adequate care. The radiology department has also agreed to allow the students to shadow the sonographers during obstetric and gynecologic US.

Credentialing Information

Credentialing is handled by the Eastern Washington Regional Office for the entirity of the WRITE experience.