Swedish Medical Center is a large multi-centered healthcare system and your clerkship here will benefit from the large number of varied OB/GYN patients.  Our program is a blend of First Hill obstetrics, First Hill surgery, Virginia Mason out-patient gynecology, and Swedish Edmonds Hospital.


On the first day after morning orientation at the UW the students assigned to the Swedish clerkship will meet at Swedish with Janice Getchell.  This will include an orientation to Swedish Hospital, badges, computer access, parking passes and food card.  Janice will then introduce you to Dr. Allen South, the site-coordinator, who will orient you to the clerkship and introduce you to the staff in the OR and Labor and Delivery Room.


The Swedish GME's standard practice for all medical student rotators is to apply at least 5 weeks prior to clerkship start date, with paperwork and modules due one week in advance. 

Please complete the following credentialing requirements at least 5 weeks prior to the start of your clerkship rotation:

1. Please expect email communication in your Inbox from New Innovations to complete a Swedish Onboarding Checklist (please check your spam/junk folder).

2. Please fill out the PDF iconStudent Application Packet for Virginia Mason. The credentialing paperwork is very extensive, therefore please be sure to complete the packet and return it to  in PDF format. Only students rotating to Virginia Mason will need to complete Virginia Mason credentialing.  They will recessive the necessary packet from Virginia Mason approximately 3 weeks before the clerkship begins.  This packet needs to be completed and returned promptly.

*For credentialing paperwork, your preceptor is Dr. Allen South.

3. Complete PDF iconUW_OBGYN_Master Student Attestation KP 2019.pdf

Swedish First Hill

While on the obstetrics service at First Hill you will be exposed to normal and high-risk obstetrics under the supervision of a fellowship trained maternal- fetal medicine physician and an R-3 resident from the UW.  The student will assist on Cesarean sections and vaginal deliveries.  Rounds are made daily. Two nights of OB call are required.  During this 8 day assignment you will help care for patients with pre-eclampsia, premature ruptured membranes, multiple pregnancy, placenta accreta, and pregnant patients with complex medical diseases such as diabetes.

Swedish First Hill Gyn Surgery

Days in the operating room will be spent with gynecologic surgeons performing traditional gynecologic surgery, vaginal surgery, and minimally invasive and robotic surgery.  It is expected that the student will improve their technical skills including wound closure and a satisfactory two-handed surgical knot. 

Virginia Mason Out-Patient Gynecology

Four days will be spent at Virginia Mason with board certified OB/GYNs seeing a variety of gynecology patients.  The student will be exposed to evaluation of abnormal Pap smears, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain,  contraception and well-woman care.  This portion of the clerkship includes instruction in taking a gynecologic history and pelvic examination.  These students will need to complete additional credentialing (see above).

Swedish Edmonds

One student will be assigned to Edmonds OB/GYN.  This student will working with board certified doctors in a private practice setting which includes outpatient care, obstetrics and surgery.  These three areas are blended together in a single experience. No additional credentialing is needed for this experience.

NICU, Breast Cancer Sessions

Depending upon scheduling, each student spends one day in breast cancer oncology and one day in the NICU.

Wednesday Afternoon Mini-Tutorials 

On these afternoons after didactics at the UW, students will return to Swedish for 2 hours with Dr. South.  These sessions are designed to expand student’s OB/GYN fund of knowledge, improve case presentation skills, master the skills of OB/GYN history taking, and survey the current literature. Each student will keep a log of their experiences of the past week and these cases will be presented and discussed.  Emphasis will be placed on the personal aspect of our specialty and respect for women.


The OB/GYN department requires the following:

  • 2 patient write-ups
  • a pelvic and breast examination form
  • an observed OB/GYN history
  • mid-clerkship evaluation
  • a final, formal Power Point presentation