4th Year Courses

Clerkship Director: Vicki Mendiratta, MD
Clerkship Administrator: obclerk@uw.edu

Goals To gain further knowledge and experience in the specialty or subspeciatly of Ob/Gyn
Schedules Varies by site
Conferences Grand Rounds and Resident Didactics
Presentations Present at least one topic to residents and attendings during the rotation
Readings/Texts Basic Ob/Gyn texts and readings are assigned
Evaluations Student performance evaluations are completed by preceptors, faculty attendings, and residents (see sample form in Reference section). Student evaluations of the site, faculty attending, preceptors, and residents are required prior to the student receiving a grade. Evaluation forms will be sent electronically at the end of the rotation.
Length/Credits Four weeks/Eight credits each rotation, unless otherwise noted

OB GYN 665 (or equivalent) and all core clerkships. Electives April through January are reserved for those students planning on applying to OB/GYN for residency. UW students will only be permitted to take 1 elective during this time period, but may take another in the 2nd half of the year. This time period is excellent for students who wish to get to know the program, residents, and faculty. There are a limited number of slots. OB GYN 681, 683, and 685 may be used to fulfill the Surgery Selective requirement. OB GYN electives are permission onl; please contact the Clerkship Administrator if you are interested in taking one of our electives. 

For any student interested in exploring a career in Ob/Gyn, please contact Vicki Mendiratta, MD, Clerkship Director, to set up a mentoring appointment.