The University of Washington School of Medicine offers a basic six-week clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Spokane, Washington.

During the next six weeks you will be experiencing a variety of opportunities within the Ob/Gyn field. In this short amount of time we can only hope to cover the basics and still have some time to cover a few topics in depth which are of particular interest to you.

The quality of your experience here depends upon how much of yourself you devote to the program and to frequent, candid communication between you and the preceptors. The continued success of the Clerkship depends upon new ideas from you and our ability to accomplish mutual goals.

The following is a basic outline of the types of opportunities you will have a chance to explore here.


This site may require drug testing as apart of their credentialing requirements. If you are required to complete drug testing, you will be notified by the SOM 6-8 weeks prior to the start of your rotation. For any questions, please contact

 **According to the SOM drug testing policy, all drug testing needs to be done through the SOM.  Please go to the SOM Compliance drug testing webpage where they can order a drug test online:

Meet Nancy at 7:00am on first day of clerkship inside front entrance to Sacred Heart Medical Center-Main Tower. We will begin your course introduction.

Your Final Written Exam on last day of clerkship will be given by the Regional WWAMI Office.

Student Evaluations by your preceptors will include: 1) rating of ward and office performance, 3 written workups and an oral presentation 2) written final exam, by the UWSOM.

Please refer to the Student Evaluation section of the website for specifics on the Final Grade determination. The University will also provide you by email the necessary forms to evaluate your experience in Spokane and the Faculty instruction received by your preceptors.

Hospital/Clinic Experience

During your six week rotation you will spend approximately 2 weeks on L&D during day and one weekend on call at Sacred Heart Medical Center or Holy Family Hospital, a day in the Ob Clinic and 2 days with Gyn Oncology Surgeons in clinic/surgery. Also four weeks with your preceptors to include clinic, surgery and hospital deliveries.

Seattle Reproductive Medicine (SRM) Spokane

Part of your rotation may include time spent at Seattle Reproductive Medicine in Spokane. The experience at SRM Spokane is designed to expose the OB/GYN medical student to the field of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. The student will be involved in New Patient visits and Follow-up visits, as well as the procedure of pelvic ultrasonography. Due to the limitations of the rotation, variable experiences with sonographic egg retrieval, embryo transfer, intrauterine insemination, hysterosalpingography and sonohysterography will also occur. Case studies will be used to enhance learning.

Night Call

Your preceptor and you will determine your one night per week night call while you are working in their office. You will report directly to your preceptor and work with him/her. If the call night is slow and you do not stay in the hospital, you can take call again later in the week. Students are expected to stay in house overnight on L&D at least once during their rotation as part of your L&D experience. During your Sacred Heart Medical Center rotation you will report directly to the OB fellow.


Reading is essential. Our textbooks are located in SHMC Health Sciences Library where you can go to study.

Student Presentation

You will be required to given an in-depth oral presentation on a topic of your choice. This report gives you a chance to explore at least one area of Ob/Gyn more completely.


Information on housing and housing in Spokane can be found on the Spokane Clerkship course on Canvas. Contact the Spokane Regional Office with any questions ( or 509-313-7917).

Meals and Parking

A free meal pass is furnished by Sacred Heart Medical Center for the duration of your clerkship (families not included). There is free parking space available in the hospital employee lots and all area preceptors clinics.


Having a car is necessary. The apartments are 2.8 miles away from Sacred Heart. Preceptors offices are in various locations in the city. In the winter, air travel out of Spokane is often delayed by fog. All-weather tires are recommended for driving in ice and snow conditions.

Personal Needs

Some personal items listed under Housing. You will need to bring a white lab coat or two for the offices and hospital, and a name tag to be worn at all times. Sacred Heart Medical Center will issue you a photo ID Security Badge to be worn in the hospital. ($10.00 charge if Security card is lost). It is also recommended that you bring a pair of comfortable shoes to work in when you are on Labor & Delivery at the hospital.

Information on housing in Spokane can be found on the Spokane Clerkship course on Canvas. Contact the Spokane Regional Office with any questions ( or 509-313-7917)