Welcome to Fairbanks, Alaska and the Interior Women's Clinic! IWH looks forward to making your OB/GYN rotation an interesting and varied educational clerkship. Our community offers diversity and a variety of cultural opportunities. To learn more about our beautiful state, please visit

Administrative Coordinators

Check In
Kari Baurick 
Office: 907-479-7701
Fax: 907-479-7718

Before Your Clerkship

Students are required to submit fingerprints for the mandatory State of Alaska Background Check. The State now insists that we require the students have fingerprint cards made well in advance and mail/FEDEX them to the ABC office in Anchorage. Then when the State Application is input on-line, the prints are in the ABC office *and* the processing/applications fees have been paid...the state will process the student (estimated five days but sometimes very much longer) and then the student receives *provisional permission* to do the clinical rotation.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital will continue to pay the processing and application fees but students will have to pay for the FEDEX/UPS delivery.


Students will stay in a suite above the practice. 


The site provides a car that is all-wheel drive, studded snow tires in the winter, is winterized, and with an auto start.  These features are important and often not provided by rental car services.

Clinical Expectations

During your six-week rotation, you will be expected to accompany your preceptor to surgery and participate in deliveries. You will rotate shadowing one of our board certified obstetricians/gynecologists. You will also be expected to make a weekly presentation to your preceptors and other OB/GYN clinical staff. If you are traveling for more than 2 hours to take your NBME exam, your clerkship will end at 12pm on the last Wednesday of the Clerkship. Expect to be at clinic until that time, therefore DO NOT book any flights out of Fairbanks until after 12pm. If you are traveling less than 2 hours to take your exam, you are expected to stay at clinic until 5pm. Please check with your site director before finalizing your flight. 


Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in Fairbanks and is located at 1650 Cowles St. For student convenience, there is a lounge and medical library at the hospital.


A pager will be provided to OB/GYN students for use during their rotation.


The following textbooks will be available for use during your stay at IWH and will need to be returned prior to your departure.

  • Comprehensive Gynecology (not required, but available as reference)
  • 4th Edition: 2001, Herbest, Mishell & Stenchever,
  • DroegemuellerBlueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology (required)
  • 5th Edition: 2009, Callahan Obstetrics:
  • Normal and Problem Pregnancies (not required, but available as reference) 4th Edition: 2001, Gabbe

Check Out

On your final day at IWH, please visit Kari to complete the administrative portion of your rotation. At this time students will need to:

  • Turn in pager. If pager is not turned in, the student will be subject to a $79.95 replacement fee
  • Turn in any text books belonging to IWH

We look forward to your visit to the Interior Women's Health and the Golden Heart City of Fairbanks, Alaska. Please let us know if we can help to make your stay more comfortable.