The medically complicated pregnancy is an emphasis during the first year of the fellowship.

This first year fellow has one half day per week in clinic for high-risk continuity patients. An attending perinatologist manages the content of the clinic and serves as a mentor. Each continuity patient serves as a focus of fellow education. The fellow and the attending pull the important papers relevant to each patient. A notebook of cases and literature is maintained for each patient. The fellow's case load is reviewed monthly.

The second year fellow continues to carry a case load of medically complicated patients, but the emphasis shifts to medical genetics and prenatal diagnosis. In each of the first two year clinics, the attending monitors the composition of the clinic and the experience of the fellow. Patients are directed into the clinic to maximize the fellow's breadth of experience.

During the first and second years, fellows rotate through the following high-risk OB clinics and manage specific patients under the supervision of faculty. Each specialty area addresses the physiological basis of their medical specialty with readings, case conferences and one on one didactics.

  • Prematurity Prevention & Multiple Gestation
  • Obstetrical Hypertension
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy
  • HIV
  • Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Therapy