Pre-3rd Year Questions

Question: When do you recommend I take my OB/GYN clerkship?

If you are interested in matching in an OB/GYN residency program we recommend the following:

  • Try to take OB/GYN clerkship in the first half of the year

Pre-4th Year Questions

Question: I think I'm interested in OB/GYN, but there are other specialties I'm also considering. Should I contact Dr. Mendiratta to schedule a mentorship session, or wait until I know for sure?

We strongly recommend that any student with an interest in pursing an OB/GYN residency schedule a mentoring session as soon as they can in their MS3 year. 

Question: It's Spring A of my 3rd year and I just decided this is what I want to do after an awesome experience on my requried clerkship.  Is it too late for me to get a Sub-I? 

No, it's not too late to fit a Sub-I into your schedule. However, please be aware that you may not receive your number one choice of elective as most students have already been scheduled into Sub-Is. We try to hold a few elective spots for students who decide on OB/GYN later in their MS3 year. 

Question: Do I have to take a Sub-I at UW in order to match?

If you are interested in the UW OB/GYN Residency Program, we encourage an early 4th year elective within our department. If however, you know that you don't want to or cannot for any reason match at UW, we encourage 4th year electives at away hospitals. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate the site, faculty, and residents while giving them a chance to get to know you. We also encourage you to meet with your faculty mentor or with Dr. Mendiratta prior to deciding on electives. The end of your 3rd year is an excellent time to review your credentials to date and for us to make reasonable recommendations regarding your residency options.

Question: What information should I have in preparation for my mentorship meeting? 

  1. Any Fails 
  2. Any past or planned expansions and why
  3. Grades on required 3rd year clerkships
  4. USMLE score
  5. Awards, such as AOA
  6. Research/Publications

Question: Are there any electives outside this specialty that you recommend to students interested in matching into OB/GYN?

Yes: Infectious Disease, Radiology, Anesthesia, Female Urology, ICU, Pulmonary, and Cardiology.

4th Year Questions - Specific to Matching/Interviewing Process

Question: Is a USMLE Step 1 & Step 2 Pass on the 1st attempt crucial in order to apply for OB/GYN residency?

OB/GYN is a competitive residency and a Pass on the 1st attempt is essential. 

Question: When should I submit my application to residency programs in ERAS?

ERAS opening day is September 15--you must be ready to apply on that day.

Question: What are the most common mistakes students make when they apply to OB/GYN?

Not realizing their competitiveness and not having a broad, deep enough list of programs to apply to. Failing to stay in contact with Dr. Mendiratta throughout the entire process. 

Question: How many Letters of Recommendation should I include in my application?

You should have 3-4 letters (not including the Dean's letter). Some programs require a "Chair's Letter" (see individual residency program website under application requirements).

Question: During which months should I expect to interview?

Interviews occur between October-January, however most occur in November-December. You will need ample free time specifically in November-December. 

Question: How many programs should I rank?

The average number of ranked programs among matched US seniors in OB/GYN in 2018 was 12.4.  Therefore, target # is 12 but will vary based on individual factors (such as couples match)

Question: What are the average USMLE scores for students who match in OB/GYN?

In 2018, the average USMLE 1 score for students who matched into OB/GYN was 230. The average USMLE 2 score was 247.  In general, students at risk have a USMLE Step 1 score of <215.

Question: Where should I go to find OB/GYN residency program information?

  1. AMA/Freida: official list of all programs participating in the National Match
  2. APGO/CREOG Residency Directory (not all programs submit information to this site, cross check with Freida)
  3. Specific Residency homepage
  4. List of Programs on Probation with ACGME: