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Required OB/GYN Clerkship Assignments

Preceptor Tools

How to Calculate Final Clinical Grade

FileOBGYN Clinical Calculator (excel workbook)


*Formative comments: Provide descriptive feedback for student on strengths and areas needing improvement. (Not for use in the Dean’s MSPE unless there is a pattern across clerkships.)

“Mr. Johnson did a great job with us this month.  He was noted particularly for his great enthusiasm and empathic care.  He can continue to work on his differentials both in terms of keeping them as broad as possible and making sure can't miss diagnoses are highlighted on this list.”

*Summative comments:  Provide summary of your observations of the student’s performance based on the clerkship’s objectives in all areas of evaluation. (Comments for use in the Dean’s MSPE.)

“Mr. Johnson did a great job with us this month.  He met and surpassed all the objectives of the clerkship.

He took complete ownership of his patients, checking in with them frequently to evaluate their progress and needs as well as update them on what was to come next.  He clearly felt responsible for their experience, reading on every patient's findings and doing everything he could to ensure they had the best care possible.

Mr. Johnson also showed great developing clinical skills.  His presentations were concise and to the point and covered all the relevant information.  He was able to create excellent evaluative and treatment plans and even begin working on early disposition decision making.  When managing multiple patient at once, he was able to move back and forth between patients and tasks while maintaining a high level of skill.

Finally he worked very well as part of the OB team, integrating himself seamlessly with the nurses and ancillary staff.  His communication skills were excellent with both the staff and his patients; he was respectful, clear, and thoughtful in what he said and empathetic and caring in all his interactions.

The faculty felt that Mr. Johnson is on his way to becoming an excellent resident and physician.”

UW SOM Clerkship Policies

Please visit the UW SOM Policy Page for more information on SOM policies such as work hours. If you have any questions, please contact obclerk@uw.edu

Diversity Module

Recently research from the University of Washington has suggested that there is racial inequality in the grading at UW, even taking into account other variables such as test-taking skills and socioeconomic status. In order to to educate our educators on potential implicit bias that may be contributing to this phenomenon, the medical school has created a module; the link is below. Taking the module is not required, but the school is recommending it to all faculty who are working with students.

Implicit Bias in the Clinical Setting and Learning Environment 


CLIMEcast is a podcast series featuring visiting professors and local experts. Hosted by Lynne Robins, PhD and Joshua Jauregui, MD, these sessions are a conversational approach to topics relevant to UW health professions educators. 

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